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Building People
Our heart is to give away what we’ve been given! We are invested in helping others find a fulfilling spiritual path in Christianity, discovering potential in Christ through their spiritual gifts and unique purpose in the Kingdom of God. Our desire is to take this journey with others is a real and practical way, where religion is taken out of the equation, and relationship with God is the catalyst for the journey.

At Refuge Church of Freedom we are available to:

  • Teach, guide, and discuss core issues of identity and purpose in the Kingdom of God.

  • Help individuals find and develop a real, tangible relationship with God – that’s personal and unique to them.

  • Provide tools and opportunities to explore and activate their spiritual gifts. 

  • We are here to walk with you on your personal spiritual journey, with no pressure!


We are here to listen, offer our experience, and provide opportunities to walk out your spiritual calling. We are invested in what makes you special and in helping to cultivate that through the Spirit of God. 

Learn more about approach to finding/walking a spiritual path of Christianity, building a relationship with God, and the spiritual gifts.

Interested in discovering and/or learning about your purpose in the Kingdom of God?

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