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Our Mission

To provide a church where people have the FREEDOM to be themselves, FREEDOM to connect with God in a personal way, and a place to find FREEDOM in body, soul, and spirit.

Who We Are

We are a biker-run church that cultivates relationship-based, spirit-filled, authentic Christianity. This culture is created by providing a space that is free from the demands of perfection and judgment, so people can discover and grow in their spiritual path of Christianity without the constraints of religion.


How We Do Church

Along the lines of “Biker” culture, it’s not about how you look, where you come from, or having to fit into certain social norms. Here, we are just a group of people with a common interest and path in Christ, who are on a spiritual journey of relationship, not religion. We welcome you to join us, come as you are, and go at your pace!


We want to walk alongside you of your spiritual journey, not dictate it for you. We are here to offer our experience, strength, and hope in Christ, and the spiritual solutions that have worked for us to find freedom in our lives. We realize our Kool-Aid flavor of Christianity isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok! You can take what you want and leave what you don’t.

With Bikers at the helm, we’re also not afraid of the dirt, because we know everyone has it! No person is perfect or without problems – including those in leadership. We cultivate a space where people have the freedom not to hide the dirt, be transparent, and speak the truth. We’re not afraid of the hard stuff, the dark stuff, or the scary stuff. In biker fashion, we’re here to get in the trenches with people, and walk through it with them so they can find freedom.

Because, this is a church of FREEDOM!

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