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Good News! Miracles are for today!

At Refuge Church of Freedom we believe and stand firm in the Christian principles laid out in the Word of God, saying that:

  • Jesus Christ is the Son of the Father God, Creator of all.

  • He was born of a virgin, conceived through the Holy Spirit.

  • He lived as a human man on earth and was crucified as a living sacrifice, payment for the sins of all humanity.

  • In death He went into Hell and took the keys of sin and death away from Satan, destroying the curse that came into the world through the sin of Adam and Eve.

  • He was resurrected on the third day and returned to life.

  • He later ascended into heaven and is currently seated at the right hand of the Father God.

  • On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit was sent to earth as a Helper and Comforter.

  • All who confess that Jesus is Lord and believe that He was raised from the dead, receive eternal life and have restored relationship with the Father God.

  • Through Christ we can be filled with His Holy Spirit, and operate in the manifestation of His Spirit such as the gifts listed in Corinthians 12 are for today, as well as the gift of speaking in tongues (a heavenly language). 

  • God is approachable, tangible, and real; experienced in a spiritual and physical way. 

  • Miracles are for today!


The opportunity to receive salvation through Jesus Christ is available to all. It restores the relationship that was broken through sin and opens a door to a real and tangible relationship with God. This relationship brings healing, restoration, purpose, and abundant life into every part of our beings spiritually, physically and emotionally.

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