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Pastor Bryan Stanton
Head Pastor


619-929-0303 (call/text)


In 2006, Pastor Bryan found the Lord behind bars. He had a long history of drug addiction and gang involvement. The Lord called him out of that world and placed him in a church, where his heart began to be converted. Pastor Bryan soon received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

He was propelled into the healing ministry instantly. As time progressed the anointing of a healing and deliverance minister developed. Pastor Bryan was on the fast track, moving up to a position of associate director of a healing ministry in which he served for several years.

Pastor Bryan was ordained in October 2012 and has moved powerfully in the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ. With his past behind him, he feels it is his obligation for people to see the grace God has shown him in his life, and show people how God will do the same in their lives through the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s ability to heal and deliver from all afflictions.

Megan Stanton


619-929-0303 (call/text)


As a child, Megan has always felt a deep spiritual connection with God, having a special relationship with Him. The prophetic gifts of His Spirit were activated in her at an early age, discerning and seeing things in the spirit as early as 5 years old.

In her late teens, she succumbed to alcohol addiction and checked into a rehabilitation clinic at the age of 19. A year later, she entered the program of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and found her sobriety. It was in taking the steps of AA, that she found Christ and began a deeper journey with Him. Megan Stanton met Pastor Bryan Stanton at a spirit-filled church in Mission Viejo, California. Within a year they were married.

Megan co-led as an associate director of a healing ministry with Pastor Bryan Stanton. She has also been trained in SOZO and deliverance ministry, and works in the gift of prophetic art. Due to a large amount of emotional and spiritual healing she has walked through herself, Megan’s passion is working with others to find inner healing and a restored image of God.

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