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What is Fellowship?

The definition of Fellowship is:

  1.  Friendly association, especially with people who share one’s interests.

  2. A group of people meeting to pursue a shared interest or aim.


This is church – coming together to share in Christ, or to explore Christianity.

The opportunity to receive salvation through Jesus Christ is available to all. It restores the relationship that was broken through sin and opens a door to a real and tangible relationship with God. This relationship brings healing, restoration, purpose, and abundant life into every part of our beings spiritually, physically and emotionally.

So How Does Membership Work?

With a fellowship approach to “membership” there are no lines of “in” or “out”. Whether you are a first timer or you’ve made Refuge your home, we are all in the fellowship together. Some are just passing through, and some decide to stay.  

At Refuge Church of Freedom there is not a membership program one goes through to become a “member”. There is not a class to take, form to fill out, or ceremony to do. It’s more of an internal, personal decision one makes to call Refuge home, plant roots, and continue in fellowship with this body. Our leadership team and pastors are available to talk and walk with one as that decision is made, but in the end membership is simply a decision one makes to be a member. 

How Do I Get Involved At Refuge?

Sunday Services
Sunday’s are the main event for the week! It’s a great time to come, hear a message, get some prayer, and meet others in the fellowship.

If you’re interested in doing more, service is a great way to dive deeper and get involved. There are different ways to serve the fellowship. If you’re interested, contact us!

Personal Ministry
Getting personal ministry is a great way to grow. Our leadership and pastors are available to meet with you, pray with you, help you find and grow in your calling, and provide mentorship. If you’re interested, contact us!

When one makes a church their home, tithing can be a reflection of this decision. This act is by no means a requirement or expectation for any person coming to Refuge. This is a personal action directed by the Holy Spirit. But this is a simple way to get involved and help the fellowship. If you’re interested in giving, go here.

Have More Questions?

We’re here to answer them! If you want to talk more about membership, or our “fellowship” approach, contact us! We’d love to hear from you!

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